We provide help with the following topics:

- Participation in R&D projects, doctoral dissertations
- Feasibility studies (MV/Machine Vision, AI/Artificial Intelligence, NN/ Neural Networks)
- Proof of concept (PoC) cooperations

Our relationship with Széchenyi István University allows us to utilize the knowledge and other know-how accumulated in our research.

Automatic body temperature measurement and mask detection

While the re-opening of workplaces take place, employees are looking forward to leaving isolation behind and getting back to work safely. To help employers do this we developed a tool for accurately and discreetly checking people for fever (the primary symptom of COVID-19) and also the proper mask-wearing so you can take further action in preventing the spread of viral infection on your premises.

Thermal cameras can be used to measure body temperature quickly and efficiently. The thermal imager monitors 3 points of the face around the tear duct and forehead and returns the result as the average of those points. The outcome is a more accurate measurement (at a tolerance of +-0.4°C), that is less likely to be impacted by body heat anomalies, or obscured by face mask or clothing.

The camera uses an algorithm to detect and analyze human faces and is able to determine if the person is not wearing a mask or not wearing it properly. The solution is real-time and can check multiple faces simultaneously. It is fully automatic, it does not require human contact or intervention, so it is not only convenient and fast, but also safe and hygienic. The flexibility of the development allows it to be personalized for a wide variety of environments, such as shops, offices, warehouses, airports, etc ... As the epidemiological situation changes or ceases, the tool can even be modified to suit other uses, such as traffic monitoring or recording.
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Ergonomic examination

With the help of our solutions, the analysis of processes can be done by objective metrics.

For example, ergonomic testing can be simplified using our real-time keypoint detection software, all while respecting the privacy rights of the participants in the recording. (see bottom left picture)

We participated in a project where objective data from behavior or position were needed to establish hypotheses.

The task, human-robot distance measurement, was to determine the relevant points and coordinates of people's and robot's joints on the video recorded next to the assembly line. With the help of this, they were able to examine the work environment from an ergonomic point of view, relying on real facts.