Automatic Component Recognition

Our customer had to recognize the component arriving on the production line and adjust the machine's program accordingly. Doing this automatically avoids errors due to manual program selection and speeds up the workflow. All this is achieved with using a well-constructed neural network.

Automatic Dimensioning System

Every millimeter counts when it comes to shipping costs. Measuring weight alone is not enough for calculating a fair freight rate. In a scenario where a package is light but large in volume, the price calculated based on the weight alone, creates an underpricing for the shipper. Space is a scarce asset, you should charge for it, and charge the right amount. To achieve this you need to measure dimensions of the load precisely.

With our system, you can measure the dimension of freight: length, width, height and weight with a forklift scale (or floor scale). Volume of load on a forklift or packages moving on a conveyor belt can be measured accurately.

2 minutes or 2 seconds? You decide. Compared to manual measurement, this solution saves valuable time and the metrics required for billing will be accurate and repeatable.
Let the computer handle data entry: the dimensioner can be integrated to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system so that measurements can be immediately submitted to the database.
We are happy to answer any questions about the cargo dimensioner, send us a quick message to get in touch today!

But we don’t necessarily have to apply artificial intelligence to every system to be intelligent...

Intelligent ventilation system control

At our customer's facility, the thermostat was adjusted manually, so the temperature was often not adjusted or not adjusted in time. As a result, the building was often overheated.

In addition, the old PLC control was suitable only for local (at the top of the hall) intervention. The layout of the hall has changed since the installation, so the design of the former system was no longer relevant.

The goal was to prepare the building for expansion, optimize energy use, operate temperature control automatically, make data retrievable and enable remote access.

As part of the project we carried out the following tasks:
- Replacing heating valves
- Replacement of controllers
- Installation of temperature data logger
- System controller PC installation
- Touch screen installation
- Electrical switch cabinet modifications
- Development of personalized industrial software:
- Database Management
- Temperature data collection software
- Temperature control software

The result of the development is not only modern operation, but also an investment that pays off in a short time through energy savings.