You can protect your door/gate with physical devices that absorb the energy of the collision, but it would be best if the collision didn't happen at all. As almost all accidents can be traced back to human inattention, in order to prevent the crash, we have to prevent driver inattention.

Intelligent Gate Protection / IGP

Therefore we have developed our product, the Intelligent Gate Protect (IGP). It is designed to alert the driver if the forklift's height exceeds the height of the gateway.

IGP uses ultrasonic technology for detecting approaching objects above the height limit, in which case it warns the forklift operator with light and sound signal.

If you want to be sure, there is a possibility for not only give a warning signal, but also intervene by slowing down the vehicle to prevent a collision. This requires the installation of additional equipment on the implements.

Make warehouse and employee safety a priority with Intelligent Gate Protect by Gapidea.