The self-developed character recognition software complements the image-based barcode scanner, so it is possible to identify products that do not have QR or barcodes, such as engraved surfaces

What does this mean?

It means that the scanner, processing the image captured by its camera, not only detects and reads the data, but, based on its position within the input, also determines which field in the ERP it corresponds to
How could this be of interest?

This could replace manual data entry with the push of a button, guaranteeing precise data entry and speeding up the work process
Our client had a product where identification using barcodes or QR codes was not possible. This made manual data entry necessary, giving room to many errors and slowing down their process. As a solution, we developed a piece of software utilising and augmenting handheld barcode scanners, making identification, validation and sending the data to the ERP possible through a click

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