Available products

Available products

Devices and systems that can be integrated and deployed at short notice.

Mobile dimension- and weight measuring system

An easy-to-move instrument for measuring and checking the size and weight of objects of any shape.
For more information, please visit the website of the distributor of the product in Hungary.

Dimension and weight measuring system integrated into the conveyor

Suitable for sizing and weighting ont he move, our instrument can perform a complete inspection of materials arriving on the conveyor belt. It automatically reads the product ID, measures physical dimensions and weight with high accuracy, whether it is small products or goods arriving on pallets.

Dimension measuring gate with drive-through: Gapidea drive thru checking

System for measuring the dimensions and weights of materials transported by machine in motion. During the transfer through the gate by forklift, automatic code scanners identify the pallet, laser sensors measure dimensions, and in combination with a mobile scale, weight data can be assigned to the measurement. The resulting data packet can be immediately transferred to an ERP or warehouse management system.

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