Mobil dimenziómérő

Mobile dimension measurement

Every millimetre counts when it comes to transport costs. Simply measuring the weight is not enough to determine a correct fare. 


The largest toy retailer in Hungary.




Goods arriving at the warehouse have extremely varied physical parameters that makes difficult to optimise the warehousing process and the filling of storage spaces. Knowing the exact physical dimensions and weight of products is essential.

Our solution

Our mobile laser-based dimensional measuring table can measure the physical properties of any goods: lenght, width, height and mass. The table can be made in a variety of sizes to accurately measure everything from small objects to large packages.

How does it works?

The graphical user interface of the desktop makes it easy to use the machine. After entering the product ID, you can start the measurement. The dimension gauge automatically records the weight of the product using a scale built into the table and then the Gapidea dimension gauge sensor calculate the measurement. On request, a colour photo can be easily taken of the product under test. By clicking on the save button, the data is automatically uploaded to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS).
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