Mask and body temperature measurement

Mask and body temperature measurement

Automatic body temperature measurement and mask detection with machine vision.


The current epidemiological situation, has made it necessary to monitor compliance with the measures in force. Examples include wearing the mask in the right way or monitoring the number of people allowed into the area.

Our solution

The flexibility of the development allows to be customised for a wide range of different environment, e.g. factories, offices, warehouses, airports. The investment can be modified on demand as the epidemiological situation changes or cases, e.g. for traffic monitoring or recording too.

How does it works?

A special thermal camera or sensor can be used to measure body temperature efficiently and accurately. The thermal camera monitors 3 points ont he face ( the tear ducts and the forehead area ) and gives the average of the points. The camera also uses an algorithm to detect human faces in the field of view and can determine whether the person is wearing or correctly wearing the mask.

Even for several people at the same time. The solution is fully automatic and requires no human contact, making is not only convenient and fast, but also safe/hygienic.

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