Intelligent gateway protection

Intelligent gateway protection

During the lifetime of an industrial door it is not exposed to increased stress, but also tot he risk of damage, most often caused by the height of material handling equipment or a passing vehicle.


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A kapunkat megvédhetjük fizikai akadályokkal, amik felveszik és elnyelik az ütközés energiáját, de a legjobb eset, ha meg sem történik az ütközés. Mivel szinte minden baleset visszavezethető az emberi figyelmetlenségre, ahhoz, hogy elkerüljük, a kieső figyelmet kell pótolni.

Our solution

Our solution: In response, we have developed Intelligent Gate Protect (IGP), to warn the operator of the machine, if the height if the vehicle or load exceeds the height of the gateway.

How does it works?

Laser technology system detects objects approaching beyond the permitted height and in this case a light and sound signal warn of the risk of collision.

To be on the safe side, it is also possible not only to give a warning signal, but also to intervene by slowing down the machine to prevent an accident. This requires the installation of additional equipment on the machines.

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