Áthajtásos dimenziómérés

Drive-tru dimension measurement


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When loading goods from the warehouse onto a lorry, it is important, the materials are loaded onto the right vehicle and in the right order. In case of incorrect delivery, the return and redelivery can generate a lot of unexpected costs. On the other hand, very little information is available during the loading process. Data is needed to properly monitor and manage the process.

Our solution

Our code reading and dimension measurement gates at the loading stations can monitor 100% of the loading process. In case of an error, immediate feedback is given to the operator and a correction can be made in time. The data collected during the inspection can be transferred directly to ERP or WMS systems, providing the information needed to manage loads with split-second accuracy.

How does it works?

During loading, the goods transported by forklift truck pass through the inspection gate. The gateway reads the pallet ID and checks its correctness by querying a central database. After the code reading, the gate measures the dimensions of the pallet and, if using a mobile scale, their weight, and then checks them. Finally, the resulting data packet is transmitted to the ERP or warehouse management systems.

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