Dimension measurement on conveyor belt

Dimension measurement on conveyor belt


Hungarian manufacturing plant of a company producing automotive components and electric drives.




During the partial or full automation of warehouses, it was important to have the physical dimensions and weights of all materials to be stored. To ensure that automatic loading is error-free, it is necessary to know the direction and extent of loading errors, material hang-ups from pallets.

Our solution

ur laser-based system can measure the dimensions of any goods: length, width, height and weight using a suitable scale (e.g. floor or forklift scales). Pallets on a forklift truck or even packages moving on a conveyor belt can be measured.

How does it works?

After reading the pallet ID, a pallet arriving on a conveyor track to the measurement zone of the dimension meter is turned 90 degrees by a turntable while Gapidea's dimensional measuring sensors provide a detailed three-dimensional image of the material under test. 

When evaluating the point cloud, our software measures the required parameters: pallet and pallet size separately, total height of the pallet, the loaded material hanging off the pallet, last but not least the exact dimensions and location of the fork pockets and a camera system to monitor their integrity. 

The data packet generated during the measurement is automatically stored in the database, from where it can be easily retrieved at any time, even remotely via network communication. Weight data is also immediately available when used with in-transit scales.

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