Character scanner

Character scanner

We add our proprietary character recognition software tot he image-based barcode scanner, enabling identification of products that do not have QR or barcodes.


Hungary’s 10th largest grain importer, who supplies goods to more than 20 countries worldwide.




Our client’s product could not be identified using traditional lone or QR code readers, so the data entry had to be done manually that gave a rise to many errors and it was time-consuming.

Our solution

As a solution, we wrote a special software for a handheld camera-based barcode scanner, that in addition to the device, can be used to identify, verify and send data to the ERP system with a single click.

How does it works?

Through the camera, the scanner not only interprets the data, but also determines from the position where it belongs within the ERP system.

At the touch of a button, you can replace manual recording to ensure correct data entry and speed up the workflow.

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