Custom engineering

- Custom device and workstation design
- Automation of industrial processes
- Integrated in-line measurement and control systems
- Design printed circuit board (PCB) layouts
- Cognex Dataman scanner compatible custom software development
- Graphical user interface (GUI) development
- Result and data visualization

Industrial software development

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neutral Network (NN), Machine Vision (MV) application for:
- Visual inspection, measurement,
- Object tracking, traceability,
- Key area surveillance

DeepLearning and MachineLearning: Data processing, Data analysis, Visualization


- Industrial automation software
- Program-based data extraction, data processing, data utilization
- PLC programming

Consultancy / Cooperation

- Participation in R&D projects, doctoral dissertations
- Feasibility studies (MV/Machine Vision, AI/Artificial Intelligence, NN/ Neural Networks)
- Proof of concept (PoC) cooperations



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What is machine vision?

It is a machine’s ability to process images, thereby detecting, identifying and tracking objects, detecting and evaluating certain events or phenomena.

When could this be useful?

Examples for such situations include a machine recognising and reacting to danger, stepping in to prevent accidents. Another machine could detect faulty products in manufacturing. This technology can also be used to count objects, control machines, or to identify products.

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