We believe that technology is capable to make great things

We believe that great things are the sources of great products

Our goal is to create them to you

""Controlling, billing and all that finance is my field. Feel free to contact me if I can help with any other business related issues.""

Nemes Martina

+3630 192 64 94
"Self-learning systems are my specialty if you have questions about neural network, artificial intelligence, machine vision, I'm here"

Agg Áron

+3670 325 84 10
"My job is to design and build automated systems, and I'm responsible for Audi, Opel, Allison projects"

Murányi Péter

+3670 940 24 73
+3630 192 64 94
9983 Szakonyfalu Fő út 88/C Hungary
9026 Győr Egyetem tér 1 Hungary
Company registration number: 18-09-113350
Tax number: 26097149-2-18
Account number HUF: 16200247-10001868-00000000
Account number EUR: 16200247-10001882-00000000

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